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36 questions for men

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36 questions for men

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I tried reading, going out for a walk with my dog, head standing, you know the basic stuff. I found it yesterday, and thought to myself that I better have a topic for a blog until tomorrow, because otherwise I'm going to make an answer blog to those stupid 36 questions, and most likely lose brain cells in the process. Yet here we are, still with White male wants a bbw latina to write about, so I guess I'll just go ahead and answer these questions.

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I've found that it's often the feminists who are afraid of "gender equality", because the realization that being a man actually isn't so damn joyous as they envisioned it to be. menn

Closing them around qyestions boobs sounds kind of uncomfortable. Have you been on the internet in the last five years? So, I don't know, ask yourself.

The ramblings of a creative intellectual

I love that. I gotta write this down… raises hand Is this going to be on the test next Tuesday?!

Are they rude and unable to be talked to in a civilized manner? In what world does no mean yes?

My mother has worked as a secretary in the school district for almost my entire life. Not to mention the fact that women get offended by jokes a lot questipns often than men. Why do you hate rom-coms? I think that the fact that Kim Kardashian makes a shit-ton of money for her giant, fake ass is bullshit, but then I remember the country she lives in, and it all makes sense.

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You are a third-wave feminist, after all. Now, I'm not into movies anyway, but even if I was, rom coms would be low on my priority list, simply because I'm not a part of the target audience.

More than anything, I'm all for understanding and celebrating our differences as two genders. Why are you surprised when women are funny?

Buzzfeed — fake news that you think is real! It's like if I were to tell you that I'll give a hundred dollars if you run around fog block ten times, and as you got back to me, I'd tell you that, oh, you also need to have nice clothes on while doing it.

36 questions women have for men

That's the difference. How is that going to solve anything?

The fact that women, statistically, work less hours than men. I already interrupted you several times by pausing the video. In what world does 68 cents equal a dollar?

Again, dude-bros? I realize that there are things that Michigan horny housewives. brought up by women, even feminists, but I have yet to see a statement that just comes out and says that yes, men and women are different, so they have different roles and face different expectations in life.

This comparison is retarded. Why are you intimidated by a woman who makes more money than you?

How is that fair? I'm not. Something tells me this will piss me off. Stereotypes exist for a reason.

Pop culture

Aforementioned lady-friend shows off her makeup to me in pics all the time. Well, at least he has great hair. Why do you think women who wear makeup are false advertising? Get in the House or the Senate. Not to mention the fact questiond there a nut job feminists running around In town looking for something hot that men can rape them by looking at them the wrong way.

I did, but mostly because 366 thought that Chloe was SO fucking hot. Like this one: Hey, you know what's worse than the holocaust?

If women could be honest with men, here's 36 questions they would ask

Share this:. How much of a control freak do you have to be to want to control how people talk behind closed doors, when it has fuck all to do with you? If it were true, it wouldn't be fair, but since it's not, this whole question is pointless. Meb said.

First off, I've never made a movie in my life. One of the lead characters is female.