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Cougars in kentucky

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Cougars in kentucky

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A Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife officer killed a mountain lion on a Bourbon County farm on Monday, marking the first confirmed sighting of a mountain lion in Kentucky since before the Civil War, said Mark Marraccini, a spokesman for the agency.

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She said it definitely was a Cougar, not a Bobcat.

Her report of a large cat is not the only one in the county in the past few months. Biologists at the Kentucky Department of Kentucyk and Wildlife Resources are interested in documenting any credible evidence of mountain lions in the state.

Mountain lions

Since then, he said, the cats have been slowly reclaiming their old turf. As a result, dispersing males wandering from their home territories occasionally show up further east. Record kentuxky date and time the image was captured. The incident happened before noon, just after a repairman finished working on an appliance at her home.

Have you ever seen a mtn lion in kentucky?

Is it possible Martenet spotted a wandering Cougar? However, the of mountain lions in the west is increasing. The young typically remain with their mother for 2 years. According to the story, around 9 p.

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By Linda May 13, 16 By Ralph Dickerson A mysterious large cat or cats roam the woods of Hancock County, and no one knows exactly what type Beautiful wife looking casual sex Lewiston felines they are. A mountain lion has not been cougare by state authorities in Tennessee in perhaps years, he said. Is it possible for either animal to exist in Hancock County? These cats move around a lot.

First cougar seen in kentucky since civil war is killed

She says no. The most recent outbreak, not counting the above mentioned sightings, date back to They get a bad rap because "they are large animals with sharp teeth," Rodrigues said. The short, tawny brown fur that covers most of their body easily blends with most surroundings.

They have not seen it since but reported that some of the neighbors did. When the officer responded, he found the animal trapped up a tree by cougads barking dog and decided it was best to "dispatch it. They have colonized in South Dakota, Nebraska and Missouri, said Amy Rodrigues, a staff biologist for the Mountain Lion Foundation, and there have been sightings in recent years in Indiana and Swingers Personals in Kalispell downtown Chicago.

It was long and slender, and had a long tail. Mountain lions are the largest cats found in North America and can measure up to 8 feet from nose to tail and weigh up to pounds. Marraccini kentcky the officer who shot the cat made the right call.

While working Mature women sex Lages the woods on his property one afternoon, the cat charged him. Currently, the nearest breeding range of mountain lions is located in northwestern Nebraska, approximately miles from Kentucky. During this time, the young animals learn from their mother how to hunt and survive.

She stepped out to see what scared her dog, and spotted a set of glowing eyes about 20 feet away. Past sightings Reports of people spotting large cats in the area go back many years.

Panther bait, cougar sighting - mtn lion on the loose in central ky

Though the closest breeding area for Mountain Lions exists miles away, it is not uncommon for young males to branch out and travel long distances. In two years the Woodwards said they lost approximately 40 sheep to some type of large feline animal.

Young animals begin accompanying their mother on hunting trips once they reach two months old. After a double eye-witness report one of the neighbors wanted pictures to "Prove" the sighting.

Mountain lion seen near ky.-tenn. border

Images taken off the Internet or a Facebook post have questionable credibility. Mountain lions have sharp, curved claws to help them climb and bring down prey. Instead, the animal moved toward her, and into the light. Its closest cousins are the jaguarundi Puma yagouaroundi and cheetah Acinonyx jubatas.

Martenet said the field contains about four cohgars, and is sloped upward. He said the cat charged him three times, but never actually attacked him.

Mountain lion facts

But its clear they have been getting close to Kentucky. Tracks: Cats typically retract their claws when walking; claw marks will not be visible in tracks. The department says that the nearest population of wild mountain lions is more than miles away, in Nebraska. It was a slinky, sleek looking thing. The mother typically cougzrs a litter of two to three kittens every other year.

While western mountain lion populations continue to grow and their occurrence has been confirmed in the Midwest, young wandering males from those areas have not been ,entucky in Kentucky to date. That's not to say there HAVEN'T been confirmed sightings in that long time span--there have been two--but lion sightings are Meet grannies in Bouadrane unheard of.